Below you will find a full list of the Resolutions for LakeLand Village. Official Copies with Filing numbers may be obtained from the office during regular business hours.

Resolution 1
Recreational Vehicle Parking

Resolution 2
Clarification of Recreational Vehicle Parking

Resolution 3
Building Exteriors

Resolution 4
View Blocking Structures

Resolution 5
Roadside Property Line Setbacks

Resolution 6
Protective Netting

Resolution 7
Exterior Colors

Resolution 8
Natural Vegetation

Resolution 9
Debris Burning

Resolution 10
Roofing Materials

Resolution 11
Protection of view Property

Resolution 12
Building Height Restrictions

Resolution 13
Street Lights

Resolution 14

Resolution 15
Fees and Expenses

Resolution 16
Levy of Fines

Resolution 17
Evergreen Tree Recycling

Resolution 18
Fireworks Ban from Community Club Common Areas

Resolution 19
Boat Storage

Resolution 20
Combining Lots

Resolution 21
Records Availability

Resolution No. 23

RV/Boat Parking