Rules and Regulations

For The

Use and Enjoyment


Lakeland Village Community Club

Common Areas and Facilities

These Rules and Regulations are provided under the authority of Washington State Law, RCW 64.38.020 paragraph 6, and the LLVCC (Lakeland Village Community Club) Bylaws Article IV.

These rules do not include the fourteen (14) miles of roads within Lakeland Village as they are County roads and governed by same.

The common areas and facilities of Lakeland Village include those areas designated on the plat maps of the development, summarized in a Lakeland Village map available at the Community Club office and in the LLVCC Bylaws, Article II, Section 3. These areas are generally defined as:

1. Lake Anderson and the canal from the south end of the lake to the concrete dam at the southwest end of the canal.

2. The beach area with gazebo, two swim docks and a fishing dock at the north end of Lake Anderson.

3. The play area at the north end of Lake Anderson with the play area, restrooms, LLVCC storage building and open area.

4. The boat storage, boat launch area and fishing dock to south of Lake Anderson on the canal.

5. Lot for additional boat storage south of item 4.

6. Lot with fishing dock and earthen dam with dock at southwest corner of Lake Anderson.

7. Lot at northwest edge of Lake Anderson.

8. Lot with sport court at corner of Lakeland Drive and Old Ranch Road.

Note: The double tennis courts, golf course, clubhouse and pro-shop are developer owned and subject to their rules and regulations for usage.

These Common Areas and included facilities are for the sole use of Community Club members, their families, tenants and their guests. A member is any owner of a lot within Lakeland Village. Being “in good standing” means that owner has paid current community club dues and has not been found in violation of any of the requirements of these Rules and Regulations. Failure to pay LLVCC annual dues as required may result in member(s), family member(s), guest(s) and tenant(s) suspension of use of the Common Areas. Failure to adhere to these Rules and Regulations by member(s), family member(s), guest(s) and/or tenant(s), may result in the suspension, after notice and hearing, of the member, family member and/or tenant for a period of up to 30 days.

Any member in good standing may delegate his/her rights of enjoyment of the common areas and facilities to family members or tenants who reside on member’s property. For tenants, the member shall notify the Community Club office manager that tenant is occupying member’s property.

A guest of any member, or of family member, who is using any of the areas or facilities listed above must be accompanied at all times by a member to ensure that these rules are abided by. A guest of any tenant or family of tenant must be accompanied at all times by the tenant to ensure that these rules are abided by. Members, family members, guests and tenants utilizing common areas and facilities do so at their own risk. Members, family members and/or tenants are responsible for cleaning of the area or facility after use.

Should a member or tenant desire to sponsor the use of any common area and facility by any group exceeding 15 persons in number (including the beach gazebo), that member or tenant must submit a written request to the Community Club office on forms provided by that office. The Community Club Board of Trustees or its Office Manager may approve or, for good and sufficient reason, deny the request and may, at its discretion, require a deposit and/or usage fee.

Members, family members, guests and tenants may use boats and other floating devices upon the lake and the canal. Boats shall be launched only from the boat launch area at the south end of the lake or from member’s private property. Other floating devices may be launched from any of the lake front common areas or from member’s private property. Boats shall be propelled by electric motors or manual power only. Internal combustion motors are not permitted on the lake except during lake treatment by authorized personnel. Moorage of a boat at a buoy or common area dock is prohibited. Boats may be stored at either of the boat storage areas provided they are properly registered with the Community Club office. Use of approved life preservers when occupying or operating a boat on common area waters is highly recommended. The owner of the boat assumes full responsibility for its safety and operation. Extreme care should be exercised to prevent the introduction of water plants (such as milfoil) into the lake; make sure the exterior of the boat is clean before putting it in the water.

Members, family members, guests and tenants are allowed to fish on the lake, in the canal and from the three fishing docks mentioned above. No fishing license is required. There shall be no fishing from or within 25 feet of the two swim docks mentioned above; this rule is to prevent a swimmer from being entangled in lost fishing gear. The limit on fish catch is three (3) fish per day per person. All fishermen are encouraged to practice catch and release using barbless hooks. Placing, depositing, or chumming with fish eggs, roe, corn or any other substance for the attracting, collecting or catching of fish is prohibited. Fishing with an unattended line in the lake or canal is prohibited.

Members, family members, guests and tenants are allowed to swim in the lake or canal with access either from the beach area at the north end of the lake, boat dock area or from member/owner’s private property. Children 12 years of age and younger must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.

Members, family members, guests and tenants are allowed to utilize the play area, lavatories, open area, and sport court at the north end of the lake. The play area is intended to be used only by children 12 years and younger and should be accompanied by an adult.

Camping in any common area or facility is not permitted. Fires are not permitted on any common area with the exception of within the gazebo at the north end of the lake where fire pits are available for heating food.

Pets must be kept on a leash while in any common area for the comfort and safety of other persons.

Fireworks are prohibited from being used in any of the common areas.

All common areas close at dusk and reopen at dawn.